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The project was created by Franck Frouard in 2013, and joined by Thibault Luycx. They first met in Peru, and they have enjoyed a long friendship since then.

Franck was born in France and lived in Japan for 16 years, before moving to Brazil. Thibault is Belgian and spent 5 years with the Shipibo Indians in the Peruvian Amazon.





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Franck Frouard 

Owner and founder of Retiro Kyriri.

Franck has been practicing Zen since 1992. He pronounced his Bodhisattva vows in 2011. Originally from France, he spent 14 years in Japan studying with Master Miyura, who eventually suggested that he should create a Zen dojo to teach the practice of Zen.

After teaching in France, Franck moved to Japan to become an independent French teacher in Tokyo. His unquenchable thirst for self-knowledge brought him to several initiation schools in Europe, Brazil, India, Peru and Japan.

In 2008, his inner journey took him to Peru. Working with sacred plants accelerated the destruction of his illusions to bring inner silence to the Path of Zen that he had already been practicing for 20 years. 

After the dramatic events in Fukushima, Franck started looking for a land in Brazil and in 2013, he bought the land that became Kyriri Retiro in 2017.

Since he moved to Brazil, Franck developed his gifts as a healer and magnetizer and offered them for free to the poor, to drug addicts and to the needy in the region.


His teachings are sharp like a Japanese Katana, he is not only dry like the Path of Zen, but also warm-hearted like the energy of Christ. His sharp discernment and his deep knowledge of the mechanisms of the human mind make him a skillful guide for those who want to cultivate inner silence.

At Kyriri Retiro, Franck is in charge of Zen teachings and of the evolution of the project.



Thibault met Franck during one of his trips to the Indian Shipibo tribe in Peru in 2012-2013.

It was a decisive encounter in his personal evolution. Thibault had left Belgium after 6 years studying at the University of Brussels, and was just beginning his inner journey. 

After managing several event projects, Thibault decided to follow a long initiation with Shipibo Indians to become a curandero. 

He spent 5 long years in total isolation in the Amazon forest, interspersed with trips to Europe to offer and practice the teachings he had received in the jungle.

Thibault discovered the teachings of Zen Soto with Franck in 2013, and commits to a daily practice since then, with intense periods of meditation during the long plant diets he did alone in the jungle. Just like Franck, Thibault discovered the many benefits of combining the teachings of the Path of Zen and of the Amazonian Master Plants. 

In 2017, his path crossed Franck’s again, after receiving the transmission from his Shipibo Masters in Peru. He willingly accepted Franck’s proposal to assist him in the creation and management of the Kyriri Retiro, seeing his dream come true: to find a quiet, isolated and wild place to live and create an oasis dedicated to raising consciousness, preserving nature and healing, while living a simple and healthy life.

At Kyriri Retiro, Thibault is in charge of organizing visits and of the center’s communication.