Retiro Kyriri is above all a legally recognized Environment Protection Area, in a wild and natural region at the doorstep of the Chapada Diamantina in the State of Bahia, Brazil. 

The founder bought the land of 50 hectares with a very specific goal: to preserve the watercourses and 14.5 hectares of wooded nature, recognized and registered as Nature Reserve, and reforest the 35 hectares of Environment Protection Area. 




The location was abandoned until then, after suffering from deforestation and intensive farming, as well as several fires. It hosts a majestic waterfall surrounded by a natural pool. In the past four years, a house was built to create a Zen Dojo (dedicated to the practice of Zen), and a parcel was dedicated to syntropic farming, to produce sufficient food to ensure the food autonomy of the inhabitants.




In 2014, a house was built on the land. It contains a bedroom, a dormitory, a Zen Do, a kitchen, two bathrooms, a henhouse and a luxurious garden. It also has a breathtaking view on the surrounding mountains. In a near future, other living spaces will be built to accommodate visitors.


Franck FROUARD, a Zen practitioner who lived in Japan for 16 years and has been living in Brazil for 5 years, made his dream come true. In approximately two years, the goal is to welcome visitors searching for inner peace. The Center will offer retreats where participants will have the opportunity to practice Zen, work the land and have access to traditional medicines.





The legally classified and recognized Nature Reserve includes 14.5 hectares of wild natural space, in a Protected Area of 50 hectares, located at the foot of the Chapada Diamantina Mountains. The region is well known for its immense wild spaces and its spectacular landscapes. It is considered one of the most beautiful hiking sites in South America.



The land is located 9 km from Ibicoara, a village at 1.000 m height, in the State of Bahia, 400 km from the Brazilian East coast. The local climate is hot, sunny and arid, and the year-long average temperature is 25-30°C. The land is only accessible via a dirt track, making it a fairly isolated, quiet and calm site for residents.



One of the specificities of this paradise is the abundance of quartz on the ground. This geological particularity gives the site very specific energetic properties.

The presence of so much quartz in the ground and at its surface acts as vibratory amplifier, strengthening the land’s geo-biological properties and enabling subtle connections.




Last but not least, the land hosts a beautiful waterfall and a large private natural pool, where the strength of the water element is used in the healing process. It offers a quiet show, a relaxing music, but also natural hydro massages that enhance the cleansing process and subtle purifications, in a beautiful valley of quartz! A true gift of Nature, offered with Grace…