Kyriri Retiro will be delighted to welcome you as of 2020, to experiment a simple and healthy lifestyle, connect with the rhythm of nature and with the elements. 

It is an opportunity to play a part in an altruistic project in a haven of peace, on the path to self-knowledge. The fruitful alliance of Zen, traditional medicines and the time spent working the land helps (re)connect with life, return to the essential and cultivate inner peace and silence.


As from 2020, guests will be able to enjoy peace and quiet at the Center to practice Zazen, Zen meditation (learn more about Zen here). Meditation sessions will be organized every day, at dawn and at dusk. Guests are of course free to practice as many times as they wish throughout the day.

Sesshins will be held throughout the year: several days of intensive Zazen practice, interspersed with periods of group work (samus), and simple and vegetarian meals. 

The surrounding nature is an invitation to adopt a deep meditative and contemplative attitude, in this perfect environment to focus in silence in search for self-knowledge.


Retreats will be held several times a year, to offer guests time and space dedicated to their inner journey. The goal is to allow guests to recharge, regenerate and connect to their true nature. 

A deep self-exploration process will be triggered by the combination of meditation and the traditional use of Master Plants. These retreats will be rhythmed by daily meditations, moments to work the land in silence and focus, and the use of medicinal plants: purges, herbal baths and Shipibo ceremonies. The program of the retreats will be planned in advance.



Traditional medicines that will be offered at Retiro Kyriri often require periods of concentration and isolation. According to the nature and problem of the requester, we will select among a variety of tools to establish the diagnosis and necessary healing process. 

These wisdom traditions offer a wide array of resources to encourage physical, emotional and spiritual healing. These tools are excellent complements to the practice of meditation. Both practices are mutually beneficial and reinforce each other. 

Franck and Thibault received initiations and training in different traditions using Plant Medicine, essentially in the Amazonian tradition (including the use of Ayahuasca by Indian Shipibos in Peru, and purgative plants in Afro-Brazilian traditions).

These sacred medicines bring quick and effective results in physical, psychological and energetic healing, where modern medicines sometimes fail to provide adapted solutions.

The tools that will be offered (that do not, in any case, replace medical treatments) take into account the holistic dimension of the human being, acting at different, more or less subtle levels. The range of tools goes from magnetism to plant diets, prayers, herbal baths, Master Plant purges, and shamanic rituals. A diagnosis will first be established in order to determine the adequate healing process. Some cases may require dietary restrictions, a period of silent isolation, and other indications to follow before, during and after. Preliminary contact is mandatory.