When the land was purchased, the promise to plant at least 10,000 trees was made to the Universe.

Therefore, it is the main goal of this project, created to protect the land and contribute to the sustainability of nature. The goal of syntropic agriculture is to allow the emergence of a primary forest.

Initially, fruit trees (lemons, mandarins, oranges, avocados, figs, papayas, passion fruits, bananas etc.) and local species were planted, in order to reforest the land and set an example of a respectful way of working the land, free from soil impoverishment and chemicals. 





This is a vast undertaking, and we need donations to finance our work to plant 10,000 trees on the site. Planting one tree costs in average 5€, including the purchase of the plant, its transport, the preparation of the soil, irrigation systems, and natural fertilizers. Contribute to our project, every little bit helps!




Since May 2017, over 2,000 trees have been planted on a parcel. This work should be continued as soon as possible, by preparing other parcels with the help of employed local workers, if the goal of 10,000 planted trees in 2 years is to be reached.



On the long term, the life-giving forest will gradually make room for a beautiful and strong primary forest. The goal to plant 10,000 trees will be reached in the next 2 years, in order to reforest part of the deforested areas. This return to a natural ecosystem, encouraged by mankind, will attract and develop the local fauna and flora; regenerate fertility and water retention capacities of the soil; and revive the springs.

The goal of Kyriri Retiro is also and above all, to set an example of sound and sustainable management of a complex ecosystem, inspired by the laws of nature. This visibility will in turn be used for an educational purpose, to show the local populations that chemically assisted and destructive monoculture is not the only answer to their needs. The site will then fulfill its mission to become a haven of peace, an ecological success and an exciting human adventure.





In conjunction with syntropic agriculture, we also put into practice the principles of electro-magneto farming. Click here to learn more about these techniques.




It is essential to replant trees in this region where natural habitats have suffered the consequences of intensive farming. Cutting down vast primary forests to grow crops (essentially coffee) and intensive agriculture have destroyed the root system that used to retain water and contain fauna and flora, consequently drying up springs and watercourses. In addition, the custom of slash and burn agriculture caused many uncontrollable fires that devastated the region.

Therefore, the region of Bahia is facing an increasing lack of water supply. The promise of syntropic agriculture is to gradually reforest the area, to revive its original ecosystem, while proving that a peaceful cohabitation between man and nature is possible.

Learn more about the principles of syntropic agriculture on the website of its founder, Ersnt Götsch